Eco Ganesha Contest

September, 2013

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Tata Housing hosted a contest on Facebook inviting users to express their views in terms of tips, captions and wishes to keep this Ganesh Utsav eco-friendly and promoting "live a green life" concept, thus allowing contestants to do their bit to save the earth. The most creative opinions were rewarded with Lava Tabs.

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Tata Eco Ganesha Contest    
Winners of the Ganesha Contest and messages they have shared.
CONTEST 1: Share your eco-friendly tip

Richa Shailendra:
  1. Using biodegradable material like clay for Ganesh Idol
  2. Using recycled material like old newspapers to make the idol or decorations
  3. No plastic flowers or bags to be used
  4. No noise pollution by using unecessary loud music till midnight
  5. No transportation,we walk all over the town or use only public transport for long distance and save fuel
  6. Garbage segregation in the end
  7. Throughout the duration of Ganpati,we have contests in our apartment where children make rangoli using natural colors, decorate with real flowers that have fallen on the ground on their own and sing bhajans!
  8. We have a pit to throw the organic waste in to create fertilizer which is further used in our apartment complex in a small vegetable garden where we grow tomatoes,pumpkins and jackfruits!
  9. We do not use ltchi bulbs,rather we use earthen pots with real ghee to illuminate around the idol
  10. we also have competition on making sweets and savories at home,so we don't buy anything for market, thus no bags or boxes littered here and there!
CONTEST 2: Provide a caption to the photograph

Nieyaati V Masurkar:
The power is in your hand to make or break the creation made by God. Be wise, think twice and act ecofriendly!
CONTEST 3: Tell us your wish

Vijay Temkar:
Ganesha should inspire every one on this planet to come together and make this world as one big nation without any boundries, so that ours will become the strongest planet of all.


September, 2013

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