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Q1. What is the proposed development and where is it located?
Ans. Eden Court is a residential project being developed by TATA Housing. It is a Premium Residential Project conceptualise by the leading International Architect Firm Callison, USA (One of the top most Architect Firms in the world).
Eden Court is spread over 8 acres of land area. There are five towers consists luxurious 2BHK, 3BHK, 3BHK with study and 3BHK with study + servant apartments having finest of the specifications & top of the line facilities for residents. Three of these towers are of G+19 and the other two towers are of G+23 floors. These two towers are called Eden Court Primo A & B towers.
Eden Court is located in the prime Sub - Central Business District of Rajarhat, action area II also known as New Town region.

Q2. What are the different types & sizes of apartments in Eden Court Primo?

Type of apartment Area
3 Bedroom 1732 & 1774 sq ft (Primo Tower A only)
3 Bedroom + Study 1911 sq ft (Primo Tower A & B) and 1930 sq ft (Primo Tower B only)
4 Bedroom + Servant 2180 sq ft (Primo Tower B only)

Q3. Is the differential pricing based on the floors or orientation of apartments?
Ans. Yes. There is a Preferential Location Charge (PLC) of Rs.125 per sq ft. for the apartments facing South East direction and Rs.50 per sq ft for all apartments facing South direction. An additional charge of Rs.25 per sq ft would be charged on the apartments facing central gardens. There is an additional PLC of Rs.10 per sq ft per floor for all apartments from 2nd to 10th floor, Rs.15 per sq ft per floor for all apartments from 11th to 15th floor and Rs.25 per sq. ft. per floor for all apartments from 16th floor and upwards.

Q4. What are the facilities in the clubhouse?
Ans. The facilities provided are a Community Hall, Gymnasium, Swimming pool, Table Tennis room and games room.

Q5. How do I book my home in Eden Court Primo?
Ans. We need the following at the time of booking.

  • Properly filled & duly signed Application form.
  • Cheque (payable at Kolkata), favouring "TATA Housing – Rajarhat Project Sales Proceeds Account" for an amount of Rs.5,00,000/-. For NRI's the cheque has to be from NRE/NRO a/c or has to be a direct money transfer from his overseas a/c into TATA Housing – Rajarhat Project Sales Proceeds Account a/c in Kolkata.
  • passport size photograph of each applicant.
  • Copy of the PAN card /form 60 of each applicant (for Resident Indian).
  • Copy of Passport (for NRI's)
  • Copy of MOA/AOA & duly attested copy of the board resolution (in case of companies)

Q6. Can I upgrade to the higher floors later?
Ans. Presently upgradation / downgradation is not offered.

Q7. Can I upgrade to bigger apartment if I book in a smaller apartment initially?
Ans. Presently upgradation / downgradation is not offered.

Q8. What is the next step, after booking?
Ans. Based on your preference & the availability with the company, you will be provisionally allotted the apartment after the realization of cheques. After this, you will receive a receipt of your payment and later on the final allotment letter.

Q9. What is the payment plan?
Ans. Rs. 5,00,000 out of the sale price of the apartment has to be paid at the time of booking and then the allotment will be done. Then the payment plan will follow. For more details on the payment plan, please do get in touch with our Sales Representative.

Q10. Can I do a down payment of my entire apartment price?
Ans. No, at present the down payment is not accepted.

Q11. Rajarhat currently does not have a public transport system. Will you provide shuttle services to the nearest Bus Stop or Railway Station?
Ans. By the time the Project would be ready the Public Transport should be in place. It is already operating in the Action Area I.

Q12. Will you assure me that your company will not drop prices?
Ans. We do not intend to drop the price but would not be able to give the same in writing.

Q13. What is the reference benefit to me, if I convince someone to buy?
Ans. The reference scheme will be offered subject to the discretion of the Management. We shall update as and when it is formalized.

Q14. What happens if I cancel my booking?
Ans. In case you due to certain circumstance if you wish to cancel your booking before the allotment we shall refund you the entire booking amount you had paid to us without any interest earned on it. But in case you cancel your booking after the allotment process is done, your booking amount will be forfeited.

Q15. When does the development start & will I get possession of my apartment?
Ans. The development / construction process for both Phase I & Phase II has already begin and the possession procedure for will be carried out from June 2012.

Q16. What will be the penalty if you do not deliver on time?
Ans. Yes, this would be as per clause in apartment buyer's agreement.

Q17. What if my monthly EMI is delayed?
Ans. The company reserves the right to cancel the allotment in case of non-payment of the dues from the customer. However at its sole discretion, the company may only charge delayed interest of 18%.

Q18. Can 2 flats be combined into 1 flat?
Ans. No. Customization is allowed.

Q19. Are modifications permitted in the apartment?
Ans. Interior design can be improved but there will not be any changes allowed which will effect the building design and strength

Q20. How many car-parking slots do I get & what are the charges?
Ans. There is 1 mandatory covered car-parking slot with all apartments in Phase II. The charge is Rs.1.5 lakhs for each open parking slot and Rs.3.25 lakhs for the covered parking spaces. The parking spaces would be allotted on first come first serve basis

Q21. Is the title of the property clear & what is the status regarding the approval of the project?
Ans. The title of the property is absolutely clear.

Q22. What are the types of agreements to be signed by the purchaser?
Ans. Sales Application Form at the time of booking and the an Apartment Buyers Agreement.

Q23. What is the process of transfer of the Apt. & what are the charges?
Ans. The Applicant / Intending Allottee, cannot transfer the registration, booking or allotment in favour of a third party for six months from the date of allotment of the apartment by the Company. Afterwards if the buyer wishes to transfer the apartment before taking the possession, he may do so unless approved by the Company, who may at its sole discretion permit the same on payment of transfer charges @ Rs.50 per sq. ft.

Q24. What are the additional charges/taxes to be paid?
Ans. There is Clubhouse development charges of Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh), advance maintenance charges & maintenance corpus deposit for two years Rs.50 per sq ft and parking charge as stated above.

Q25. Has the project been approved by the Banks for Home loans?
Ans. We are in touch with most of Nationalised banks for pre-approval of home loans for the project. For details on the same, please speak to our sales representative.

Q26. Will you refund the money without forfeiting any amount, if banks do not fund the project?
Ans. Yes. But if the bank finances the Project but rejects your loan application, company would not be responsible for the same. In such case company would be forced to forfeit your application money/ booking amount. Company advices you to check your loan eligibility by submitting your salary slip to the bank.

Q27. Who will take care of the maintenance of the project & what are the charges?
Ans. Maintenance of the project will be done by the third party agency. The maintenance cost will be paid on monthly basis. The regular maintenance cost will be informed at the time of allotment.

Q28. If a property owner's details changes, how can they be updated?
Ans. This will be changed, by sending the communication along with the proof.

Q29. Can a property be registered under an offshore company? If yes what is the procedure?
Ans. Original set of following documents notarized and attested by the respective embassy:

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Recently dated Board Resolution for purchase of the property
  • Power of Attorney from the company Passport of the authorized person (& photocopy)
  • List of share holders & share certificates

In addition, buyers who have already applied for a mortgage are advised to discuss their plan with their mortgage provider before transferring their property to an offshore company.

Q30. What can be done if the property documents are lost?
Ans. In case the registered property documents are lost then a copy of the same can be obtained from the office of the Registrar by paying some pre-requisite fee.

Q31. What would be discount for group company employees? What are the discounts on purchase of more than one apartment at Eden Court?
Ans. Group company employees and few of the major corporates will get a special discount on basic sale price. In case of purchase of more than one apartments the case can be taken up with senior authorities at our Mumbai Office. Please get in touch with our sales team for more details on this.

Q32. What are the Club charges?
Ans. There is a one time fee of Rs.1,00,000 which the customer has to pay and is included in the payment schedule. Please refer to the payment plan.

Q33. What happens if I have any more questions & clarifications?
Ans. We can meet up in our office along with the Senior Officer.

Q34. Can I buy property under joint name? Can I also combine my personal name with the company name?
Ans. Property can not be bought under joint name with company name.

Q35. Can a foreign national of Indian origin buy property in India? What is the rule regarding foreign nationals of foreign origin?
Ans. Under the general permission to NRI's holding foreign passport, the RBI has allowed them to acquire, hold, transfer or dispose off by way of sale or inheritance, immovable properties situated in India.
The general permission has been granted provided:

  • The property is for the purchaser's bonafide residential use;
  • The purchase consideration is met either by remittance from funds abroad through normal banking channels or out of NRE / FCNR.
  • Income accruing by way of rent from the properties purchased or acquired by inheritance will not be allowed to be repatriated abroad even if the purchase consideration was met out of NRE / FCNR account.

It is however, necessary for foreign citizens of Indian origin to declare such property to RBI within a period of 90 days from the date of purchase in the prescribed IPI 7 to the Chief General Manager, Exchange Control Department, Foreign Investment Division, Central Office Department, Foreign Investment Division, Central Office, RBI Bombay.

Q36. Who bears the exchange rate gains or losses on transfer of funds?
Ans. The customer, we only credit the value that is actually received. Any discrepancy will be carried over onto the next installment due.

Q37. How would NRI payments be channelized?
Ans. Payment can be made by NRI / PIO out of

  • Funds remitted to India through normal banking channel or
  • Funds held in NRE / FCNR (B) / NRO account maintained in India

No payment can be made either by traveller's cheque or by foreign currency notes.
No payment can be made outside India.


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