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Dear Valued Customer,

We value your association with us and have always strived to keep it as enriching as possible. Hence, from 1st June 2017, we are introducing an Ombudsman Framework to make our system more customer centric, transparent and efficient.

An ombudsman is a neutral body appointed to independently investigate customer complaints against the company with an unbiased and impartial view for effective resolution of customer complaints.

TATA Housing has appointed an independent agency viz. The Mediation and Conciliation Network (MCN) promoted by Lawrel Winners Advisory Advocacy and Law Network Pvt. Ltd., a not-for-profit comred in India, as an Ombudsman. MCN is an independent multi-disciplinary conflict management and dispute resolution organization in India having an expertise in dispute resolution/conflicts.

TATA Housing is pioneering the ombudsman framework in the Real Estate. The mediation facility is available to the TATA Housing customers whereby if customers are not happy with resolution of their complaints by the existing complaint Redressal mechanism, they have an option to refer the matter to an external independent ombudsman. The Ombudsman, after hearing both the parties will conduct necessary review/investigation of the complaint and will provide impartial and fair verdict.


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