Sustainability Report

Sustainability Overview

We give great importance to create sustainable value for the communities we work in and in being accountable to all our stakeholders including customers, employees, vendors and partners, government, communities and public at large. Our principles of corporate sustainability are based on the fundamental belief in the equilibrium of people, planet and profit with passion.

Being Responsible

Employees are our valued assets and key to organizational success. We are of the most preferred employers in the real estate sector with a strong, motivated, diverse and dedicated workforce of more than 700 persons.

Sustaining Conservation

We are committed to environmental sustainability across the value chain of the organization and beyond. We provide safe and sustainable living spaces contributing to the sustainability through-out...

Impacting Communities

We recognize work place (construction sites and offices) safety as a situation in which optimum productivity is achieved. Assurance of safety is pivotal in deriving the best output from workforce deployed.

Ethics and Governance

The leadership of the organization is committed to the highest standard of integrity and transparency at all levels of management. The Organizational governance is managed by the Board of Directors, Tata Housing having...

    Tata Housing Skill Development Initiatives
  • BIG
    Environmental Sustainability Green & Biodiversity Initiatives
    Tata Housing Schools & Neighbourhoods Sanitation Initiatives
    Tata Housing Communities Care Initiatives
    Tata Housing Educational Development Initiatives
    Tata Housing Employee Volunteering Programme
    Tata Housing Affirmative Action Programme


  • Rain Water Conservation in Gurgaon with People’s Participation

Compelling Need: it's ironical that at a time when Gurgaon witnesses flood-like situation during monsoon, the groundwater level is continued to deplete. The threat of water scarcity looming over Gurgaon gains in magnitude with each passing year. Ecologists have estimated that at the current rate of consumption, the groundwater reserves here will be all but extinguished by 2030. And the topography of the region is such that Gurgaon's surface water potential is way less than promising. These are some of the disturbing findings of an academic study on the water situation of Gurgaon, conducted by a team of groundwater experts from Delhi's Jamia Milia Islamia University in June 2013.


This three year partnership will help more than 43,000 children overcome developmental disabilities.



MD's Tweet

Dear Stakeholders,

Tata Housing has been and would continue to lead the residential housing segment as a ‘responsible developer’.
Brotin BanerjeeBrotin Banerjee

Managaing Director
Tata Housing