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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Company believes that the primary purpose of business is to improve the quality of life of people in the community it serves. Our triple-bottom-line (social, economic and environmental) perspective to business places people, planet and profit at the core of our business strategy. We believe in integrating our corporate values and business needs to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, partners, investors, communities and public at large.

In this regard, the Company will volunteer its resources to the extent it can reasonably afford, but not less than the regulatory requirements, so as to sustain the environment and to improve the quality of life of the people of the communities in which it operates.

It will not only comply with the relevant regulations relating to environment, but also constantly upgrade technology and apply state-of-the-art processes and practices that will comprehensively address issues related to climate change and global warming including water and energy conservation. We will continue to serve our communities by constantly protecting ecology, demonstrating our responsibility towards and sensitivity to biodiversity and the environment in which we operate by conserving, restoring and enriching it systematically.

The Company will continually endeavor to prevent pollution, ensure optimum use of resources and minimize harmful impacts on society and environment during construction processes and materials movement and its delivery throughout our supply chain. It will encourage its partners and service providers to adopt responsible business policies, business ethics and abide by its code of conduct.

In line with the above social responsibility and commitment towards the community as a whole, the Company shall contribute actively through TAAP for the development of SC & ST, and support & undertake activity(ies) for promotion of education and employability enhancement of people other than SC & STs, environmental sustainability, community infrastructure development, construction of toilets for individual families, Children health and managing of developmental disorders in children, Promoting gender equality and empowering women, combating disease and hygiene and sanitation initiatives etc. as outlined in Schedule VII to the Companies Act, 2013.

The management will commit all the necessary resources required to meet the goals of Corporate Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility as and when required.