Sustainability Report

Our Programs & Initiatives

Our Commitment

Journey towards ‘Safety Excellence’

We recognize work place (construction sites and offices) safety as a situation in which optimum productivity is achieved. Assurance of safety is pivotal in deriving the best output from workforce deployed. Safety is not an act of philanthropy but makes business sense as it affects productivity, growth and very survival of the business unit. That is why we at Tata Housing have always ensured a safe work environment for all – workers, staff, managers, visitors, customers and public at large.


Safety management at Tata Housing is driven by processes conforming to international standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and truly aligned to Tata Code of Conduct and our own stated Mission, Vision and Values. Safety excellence is a never ending journey and we are committed to work untiringly so as to realize the ultimate goal of ‘Zero Accident’.


Socio-economic Development

Tata Housing is firmly committed to do its business in such a way that it meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generations to meet their own needs. Across the organization, all levels of functionaries have been sensitized to take up responsibility for the ways their operations impact societies and the natural environment. They are also being impressed upon to apply sustainability principles to the ways in which they conduct their operations in their spheres of influence. Sustainability consciously has been integrated into the business operations and inclusion of social and environmental concerns and stakeholder engagement has become a part and parcel of business decision making. The Company has adopted a unique CSR budgeting policy which stipulates spending of 1 % of the net profit of the preceding year in CSR at the corporate level. In addition to that six rupees psf in case of each premium projects and four rupees psf in case of each affordable housing project are spent towards CSR initiatives.


The following are the focused areas of socio-economic interventions of Tata Housing:

  1. Tata Affirmative Action Programme: Employment, Educational development, Employability Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development of people from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Community.
  2. Vocational Skill Development & Educational Development: Employability enhancement of the people in and around project sites; Remedial coaching and up-gradation of school infrastructure of schools in and around project sites
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Carbon footprint mapping of all the project sites and corporate and regional offices, energy and water conservation initiatives, carbon abatement initiatives, bio-diversity conservation initiatives and tree plantation initiatives.
  4. Community Infrastructure Development in and around project sites: Developing adequate infrastructure for the communities not only help them leading a healthy and hygienic living, but also contribute to their economic development. Tata Housing is committed to do its bit in this regard.