Sustainability Report

Our Programs & Initiatives

Our People

Employees are our valued assets and key to organizational success. We are of the most preferred employers in the real estate sector with a strong, motivated, diverse and dedicated workforce of more than 700 persons.The organization has grown up rapidly since the last few years and this has been supported by enhancing capacity and capability, recruitment through referrals, job rotation & enhancements, improving recruitment time cycle & quality, customized training and enhancing induction effectiveness contributing to increased productivity and lower attrition vis-à-vis industry standards.

Tata Housing Culture Vision-Our Ten Tenets

  1. A very strong Can Do and Will Do attitude
  2. A culture of strong individual accountability, ownership and responsibility-Achievement before ambition
  3. A culture free from politics and back biting, focus on candor and building trust between team members
  4. Strong sense of right and wrong and doing what is correct at all times, irrespective of profit and business requirements
  5. Open and transparent culture
  6. Focus on strong performance orientation (higher than industry)
  7. Focus on a strong profit orientation (better than industry average profits)
  8. High focus on sharing of wealth to build stronger communities/marginal sections of society
  9. Keeping customers central to our business and building a profitable business around their requirement and interests
  10. Building a very strong, diverse and capable team

The following details speak volumes why and how it is always a greater matter of satisfaction to work for Tata Housing, in fact this is what a Tata Housing employees’ value proposition is.

The Performance Mix

  • Variables pay outs up to 150% of actual
  • Performance based Promotions
  • Reward & Recognition – M.E.R.I.T.
  • Regular capability enhancement through trainings

The Diversity Mix

  • Girl Child Education: Company reimburses the educational expenses of girl children of the employees
  • Maternity / Paternity leave
  • Celebration of festivals
  • Encouragement to Sports

The Tenure Mix

  • Long Service Award
  • Gratuity
  • Post-Retirement Medical cover for self

The Responsibility Mix

  • Work Exposure
  • Autonomy
  • Medical Cover
  • Perquisites

The Base Pay Mix

  • Basic salary
  • Reimbursements – mobile, newspaper, toll, car wash
  • Cash recognition
  • Car facility
  • Blackberry handsets
  • Superannuation

The Work Culture and Care Mix

  • Pick up & Drop facility
  • Bachelor accommodation
  • Wedding Gift
  • Holiday Home
  • Medical cover – self, parents, spouse & children
  • Annual Medical Checkup
  • Sick Leave bank
  • Merit based promotion culture
  • Culture of Ethics & Trust