New Haven - It’s a beautiful world
Sep 18, 2009

‘New Haven’ is a pioneering initiative by TATA Housing Development Company Limited in the Affordable Housing segment.  Conceptualized as a National brand, ‘New Haven’ will meet the homebuyers' full spectrum of lifestyle needs at an Affordable price.

New Haven is conceptualized with a vision to create a new lifestyle and an all new meaning to life at an affordable price.  The word 'Haven' itself means 'refuge, shelter, sanctuary' and for those who are actively looking for a better lifestyle, 'Haven' along with 'New' holds out a promise for transition to a new place, a new world where one can realize dreams. New Haven is a promise of a better place. A hope for those who seek to break free from what they believe is a confined existence - An answer for people looking for a better and a more complete lifestyle, for themselves and for their family.
New Haven is a cost efficient, quality product developed post in-depth research and understanding of the homebuyers stated and unstated needs and preferences.

The Product Mix

Sr. No. Unit Unit Size (Sq. ft.)
1 2 Bed room, Hall and Kitchen(Small) 670 and 695
2 2 Bed room, Hall and Kitchen(Medium) 820
3 2 Bed room, Hall and Kitchen(Large) 930
4 3 Bed room, Hall and Kitchen(Small) 1200
5 3 Bed room, Hall and Kitchen(Large) 1380

The Pricing
TATA Housing offers homes at New Haven starting from Rs. 12.73/- lacs to Rs. 26.22/- lacs.

Development Plans
New Haven - the flagship project is being launched at Boisar in Mumbai, as part of a Sustainable Integrated Township.  Once this facility is operational, New Haven would be launched across Tier I and Tier II cities in India. 

Target Audience
We would be offering homes to people with an annual household income of Rs. 5/- to Rs. 9/- lacs classified as the Middle Income Group. They are an upwardly mobile segment, who is urban in their lifestyle and outlook to life.  They are, thus, already more attuned to the modern house. They are city people who live and breathe the city life. Since this consumer segment is highly aspirational and in search of an amenities rich lifestyle, they look towards a house as a stepping stone – a means to an end - to a new kind of existence. Through the purchase of a house, they aim at progressing beyond their own peer group and gaining membership of a wealthier group.

The Sustainable Integrated Township Experience
Centered on the TATA Housing philosophy of creating a positive ecosystem and providing a sense of place and community life that would become the first choice for the Indian home buyers, New Haven will offer the very best, by offering self-contained, amenity rich lifestyle homes at affordable prices.
Like all other properties of TATA Housing, New Haven will also be constructed under the guidance of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and has been designed to reduce the impact on the environment. The project will follow the Sustainable Integrated Township approach with provisions to increase self sufficiency when it comes to water. It also has the provision for pits that make intelligent use of waste. New Haven shall also provide for growing herbs that help you fight small threats to your health and more – all this through Rainwater harvesting, Vermiculture and Medicinal plantation.
New Haven, the Affordable Housing component of the Township would be developed as Phase II. New Haven shall offer the following:
1. Integrated township approach
2. Club House
3. Community Centre
4. School
5. Health care facilities
6. Shopping arcade
7. Indoor Games Room
8. Banquet Hall
9. Children’s Playground
10. Swimming Pool
11. Indoor Badminton Court
12. Basketball Court
13. Jogging Track
14. Landscaped gardens
15. Winding Walkway
16. Acupressure path

Project Details
Location:    Boisar, Maharashtra
Plot Area:    62.94 Acre
Open Space:   10% (for parks, ground etc)
Amenities Area:  5%


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