Prive Project Description
Nov 16, 2010

Prive is an exclusive residential development, nestled in the foothills of Lonavala. The site undulates and slopes in several directions with an elevational difference of around 40m between the highest southern plateau to the lowest valley in the north. This sloping terrain naturally offers sweeping views towards the east, north and west across the Lonavala basin.

Placement of villas acknowledges the natural conditions and works with the undulating terrain and orientation to offer unobstructed view opportunities for most villas. Type A pool villas take pride of place in the centre of the development, where the terrain and view orientation is the most favorable. Type B villas are composed to surround the centre while Type C villas occupy the lower valleys of the site.

The clubhouse is located on a natural high plateau with commanding views across the whole development. Its prominent location alongside the main entry boulevard serves to introduce a sense of arrival for residents and visitors. Pocket gardens are strategically located in various locations around the development leading down to a linear park at the lower reaches of the site for the enjoyment of the residents.

The design language is contemporary Asian with clean bold lines, thin crisp edges and clearly articulated volumes. Volumes are distinctly composed with respect to different villa types, terrain conditions, view orientation and are arranged to delineate outdoor courtyards and landscape decks. Boundaries of courtyards are either defined with landscape walls or dematerialized with full height glass for intimate connections between indoor and outdoor lifestyle spaces. Water elements in the form of reflecting and plunge pools are designed to enliven and enrich these outdoor courtyards.

This modern vocabulary is complimented with use of locally sourced stone on walls, natural hardwood timber decks and screens and soft landscaping that subtly introduce a sense of place within the local Lonavala context.


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