In search of a better life
Jul 12, 2012

What's common between Thane and Tennessee or between Dombivli and Delaware? Apparently, there's a lot. Proud suburbanites across Goregaon and Gurgaon may not be aware of this but many of them are living the quintessential American suburban dream. The 'suburbanisation' of America, of course, started way back in the mid-1940s and continues unabated till date. For the uninitiated, American suburbanisation — triggered by the end of World War 2, and coupled with lifting of spending curbs in the US and a host of financial sops by the US federal government — saw millions of Americans setting u... > Read more

  Sustainability – The Way Forward
Jul 12, 2012

Brotin Banerjee, MD & CEO of Tata Housing writes on how and why developers need to opt for sustainability while approaching their projects. The real estate business has recently started to realize the importance of sustainable projects - but an integrated approach needs to be adopted.

Sustainability in all forms is gaining stature and as the most stringent green building standard in the world.  Real estate construction and operation shares a symbiotic relationship with the environment, and is a key catalyst in the direct and indirect effects on the environment. Over the last yea... > Read more

  Putting Attention into ‘Makaan’ After ‘Roti’ And ‘Kapda’
Apr 30, 2012

‘Roti’, ‘Kapda’, ‘Makaan’, is a common phrase in India used to denote the most fundamental needs of any individual. Sadly while the first two are met, a very small percentage is ever able to meet the need of owning a home. The problem is already acute with rising property prices and inflation, and is slated to become a serious issue in India in the next few decades as a large population reaches their retirement age. One solution promulgated is low cost housing. But in a nation like India with a huge population is it even possible? 

The demand for affordable housi... > Read more

  Sustaining the Greens
Mar 08, 2012

Real Estate construction and operation has extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment. It uses resources such as energy, water and raw materials, generates waste (occupant, construction and demolition) and emits potentially harmful atmospheric emissions. Over the last few months, the real estate business has realised the importance of ‘sustainable design’, where an integrated and synergistic approach is adopted in order to deliver better projects to consumers. Developers are beginning to have an increased commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation tha... > Read more

  Indian Realty markets gains favor for NRIs, as the Rupee continues its decline
Feb 02, 2012

For several months, India has suffered the double misfortune of a slowing economy and high inflation. Now, it is also facing a rapidly depreciating currency against the dollar. While a falling rupee is not the best news for domestic markets, it certainly provides a good opportunity for exporters and NRI investors, who stand to gain from the weakening rupee on conversion, making India an attractive destination to park any surplus funds. 

The inevitable slow-down of the Indian economy, coupled with the Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) pulling funds out of the stock-market sen... > Read more

  Second Homes
Jan 02, 2012

"Second Homes -- can this aspiration become a vibrant industry?"

With increasing affluence on the one hand and a growing realization that there is a need for a relaxed lifestyle -- at least on weekends -- the concept of "Second Homes" appears to be gaining popularity.

According to the National Council of Applied Economic Research, the number of households described as “rich” have risen from 3m in 2003 to 11m by 2013. Meanwhile, the number of middle class “aspirers” is predicted to leap even more dramatically, from 46m to 124m. The number of HNWIs in India is gr... > Read more


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